Satellite Session

ANF Commercialization Workshop Korea 2023 Program
Theme Sustainable Commercialization of Nanotechnology for People, Planet and Profit
Date/Time July 6(Thu) / 10:00~12:30
Venue Room #308, KINTEX Ⅰ, Korea
Organized by Korea Nanotechnology Research Society (KoNTRS), Asia Nano Forum (ANF)
Introduction Asia Nano Forum (ANF) is a network organization, founded in May 2004 and a registered society in Singapore, known as Asia Nano Forum Society, since October 2007. The mission of ANF is to promote responsible development of nanotechnology that educationally, socially, environmentally and economically benefits each economy by fostering international network collaboration.

ANF Working Group ‘Commercialization’ To realize economic value of Nanotechnology Research & Development through commercializing demand driven and technology push initiatives in partnership with the industry for sustainable development of ANF member economies.

Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad (NanoMalaysia, Malaysia)
Mr. Pogany Alexander (BMK, Austria)
Dr. Junichi Sone (JST, Japan)
The 20th Asia Nano Forum Summit (ANFoS2023) Program
Date/Time July 6(Thu) / 14:00~17:40
Venue Room #308, KINTEX Ⅰ, Korea
Organized by Korea Nanotechnology Research Society (KoNTRS), Asia Nano Forum (ANF)
Introduction ANF Summit is an annual meeting, wherein top leaders and experts from industry, government, academia and other bodies from the ANF member economies meet to update the developments on Nanotechnology and discuss related issues such as policy, R&D and commercialization, EHS & Standardization, Infrastructure, and education. The ANF annual general meeting (AGM) will also take place during the summit.
Strategy and Bibliometrics for Nanotechnology Innovation Policy Program
Theme - Government Strategy and Policy for Nanotechnology
- Analysis of the Global Trend of Nanotechnology (Japan)
- Data Analysis of Nanotechnology R&D Performances & Network
Date/Time July 5(Wed) / 15:40 ~ 17:10
Venue Room #210A, KINTEXⅠ, Korea
Organized by National Nanotechnology Policy Center (NNPC)
Sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)
Introduction This session covers domestic and foreign nanotechnology policy trends and data analysis. First of all, Chayeon Lee, deputy director of MSIT, introduces the core vision and strategy of the 4th National Nanotechnology Map (2023-2032), which was established in June this year. Plus, Japan's nanotechnology policy trends, global cooperation networks and classification studies through thesis analysis will be shared.