NANO KOREA 2019 July 2 ~ 5, 2019 KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea NANO KOREA 2019 July 2 ~ 5, 2019 KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea
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Nano Convergence Special Session    detailed program

Nano Convergence(ISSN : 2196-5404) is an interdisciplinary journal(, publishing the leading research results dealing with nanotechnology and nanomaterials. As the role of nanotechnology has become increasingly important in a variety of fields including electronics, photonics, material science, energy & environments, biosensors, and medicines, the Editorial Committee of Nano Convergence named “Impact of Nano Convergence” as a main theme for Nano Convergence special session in 2019. We are very pleased to invite the pioneering researchers who are leading the nanotechnology in various research areas and are grateful for their contribution to the Nano Convergence.

  • Theme : Impact of Nano Convergence
  • Program : Nano Convergence Award Session and Invited Session
  • Date/Time : July 4(Thu) 09:00~13:10
  • Venue : Room # 302, KINTEXⅠ, Korea
  • Sponsored by : Springer Nature​
  • Chair : Ki-Bum Kim (Seoul National University)