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Special & Satellite Sessions

Special Program

The 8th Japan-China-Korea joint Conference on MEMS/NEMS with NANO KOREA 2017


This conference will gather people related with MEMS/NEMS from Japan, China and Korea including the renowned researchers and chief administrators in the field. The 8th JCK MEMS/NEMS with NANO KOREA 2017 will provide you a great platform for sharing the most recent achievements and planning strategic collaboration for Sensor & Actuator of MEMS/NEMS and nanotechnology development in Asia.

Satellite Program

Nano Convergence Special Session detail버튼파란색
  • Date/Time : July 13(Thu) 09:30~13:00
  • Organized by : Korea Nano Technology Research Society(KoNTRS)
  • Sponsored by : Springer Nature
  • Chair : Haiwon Lee (Hanyang Univ.)
The 1st Workshop on Advanced Methods for Nano Materials Design official버튼하늘색 detail버튼파란색

This one day workshop is organized by the joint project team to develop the platforms for functional nano particles and the core/advanced technology for computational nanoscience platforms. This special workshop will focus on the advanced materials design tools that can strengthen the capability of the thematic nanomaterials design platform.

Following topics will be extensively discussed in this invited-only workshop.

  1. Global Scale Database of Computational Materials Properties
  2. Present status of Materials Big Data and Materials Informatics
  3. Computational Nanoscience Platform
  4. Automated Force Field Development
  5. Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulation and its Applications
  6. Efficient Methods for Electronic Structure Calculation
  7. QM/MM hybrid method for Electro-chemical Reaction Simulation
  8. Simulations in Extreme Scale
  • Theme : Advanced Simulation Technique for Nano Materials Design
  • Date/Time : July 14(Fri) 09:00~18:00
  • Organized by : Research Consortium for “The Core/Advanced Technology for Computational
                            Nanoscience Platforms” and “Development of Functional Nanoparticle Design Platform”
  • Sponsored by : Nano Materials Development Program, National Research Foundation of Korea,
                             Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Chair : Kwang-Ryeol Lee / Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea