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Visa Information

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Foreign nationals entering the Republic of Korea are generally required to have a valid passport and a Korean visa. However, many are permitted visa-free entry for a limited time under certain conditions. They include:
- Citizens of the countries under the Visa Waiver Agreements (See Table 1/ Oct. 2015)
- Citizens of the countries and regions under the Principles of Reciprocity & National Interest.

[Table 1] Countries under Visa Waiver Agreements : Ordinary Passport Holders

Country (Period) Country (Period) Country (Period)
ANTIGUA-BARBUDA (90 days) AUSTRIA (90 days) BAHAMAS (90 days)
BARBADOS (90 days) BELGIUM (3 Months) BRAZIL (90 days)
BULGARIA (90 days) CHILE (90 days) COLOMBIA (90 days)
DENMARK (90 days) DOMINICA REP (90 days) EL SALVADOR (90 days)
ESTONIA (90 days) FINLAND (90 days) FRANCE (90 days)
GERMANY (90 days) GREECE (90 days) GRENADA (90 days)
GUATEMALA (90days) HAITI (90 days) HUNGARY (90 days)
ICELAND (90 days) IRELAND (90 days) ISRAEL (90 days)
ITALY (90 days) JAMAICA (90 days) JAPAN (B-2, 90 days)
KAZAKHSTAN (30 days) LATVIA (90 days) LESOTHO (60 days)
LIBERIA (90 days) LIECHTENSTEIN (90 days) LITHUANIA (90 days)
LUXEMBOURG (3 Months) MALAYSIA (3 Months) MALTA (90 days)
MEXICO (90 days) MOROCCO (90 days) NETHERLAND (3 Months)
NEW ZEALAND (3 Months) NICARAGUA (90 days) NORWAY (90 days)
PANAMA (90 days) PERU (90 days) POLAND (90 days)
PORTUGAL (60 days) RUMANIA(D. O. S.) (3Months) RUSSIA (90 days)
SINGAPORE (90 days) SLOVAK (90 days) SPAIN (90 days)
ST. KITIS NEVIS (90 days) ST. LUCIA (90 days) ST. VINCENT (90 days)
SURINAM (90 days) SWEDEN (90 days) SWITZERLAND (3 Months)
THAILAND (90 days) TRINIDOD-TOBAGO (90 days) TUNISIA (30 days)
TURKEY (3 Months) U.A.E (30 days) UNITED KINGDOM (90 days)
URUGUAY (90 days) VENEZUELA (90 days)
※ If you are Diplomatic or Official Passport Holder, please click here.

Visa Type

Single Entry Visa
• Only a single-entry is permitted for the duration of the visa.
• Valid for 3 months from the date it had been issued.

multiple-entry visa
• Multiple entries are permitted for as long as visa remains valid.
• Valid for:
- Diplomacy (A-1) / Conventions/Agreements (A-3) visa status: 3 years from date of issue.
- Visa provided under multiple-entry visa Agreement: duration specified by an agreement.
- Visa provided for national benefit: duration specified by the Minister of Justice

For more details, please click here.

Republic of Korea VISA (Sample)

① Visa Serial Number
② Status: Classification of visa holders by activity or status while in Korea.
③ Period of Sojourn: Permitted term of stay starting from the date of entry into Korea
④ Entries: Visa types (e.g. single-entry, multiple-entry, etc.)
⑤ Issue Date: Visa issuance date
⑥ Expiry Date: Valid term of visa (Visa automatically rendered void after this date.)
⑦ Issued at: Place of visa issuance