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  • Asia Nano Forum 2016

    We are pleased to inform you that the Asia Nano Forum 2016 (ANFoS2016), hosted by Korea Nano Technology Research Society (KoNTRS), will be held in Korea during 13-14 July 2016, in conjunction with the NANO KOREA 2016. ANFoS is an annual meeting, wherein top leaders and experts from industry, government, academia and other bodies from ANF member economies meet to update the developments on Nanotechnology and discuss related issues such as policy, R&D, EHS-Standardization, education and commercialization. The ANF annual general meeting (AGM) will also be held during the summit.
     Date/Time : July 13~14 (Wed.-Thu.), 11:00~20:00
     Place : Room #403
     Organized by : Korea Nano Technology Research Society(KoNTRS),
              Asia Nano Forum(ANF), National Nanotechnology Policy Center(NNPC)
     Chair : Ki-Bum Kim (KoNTRS)

    Time Program
    July13(Wed.) 11:00~14:00 Welcome Address and NK 2016 Opening Ceremony
    14:00∼18:00 ANF Special Session (Nano Policy Forum) under NK 2016
    18:00∼20:00 Dinner
    July 14(Thu.) 09:00∼12:00 ANF Summit-Annual General Meeting
    12:00∼13:00 Lunch
    13:00∼15:00 ANF Working Group Presentation
    15:00∼15:30 Tea Break
    15:30∼17:45 Updates on Nanotechnology Development in Each Economy
    17:45∼18:00 Closing Remarks
    18:30~20:00 Nano Korea 2016 Banquet
  • Practical Hands-on Workshop on NanoSafety Assessment

    1) To work through nanotechnology safety examples and exercises using existing data resources and modelling tools;
    2) To use information in support of nanotechnology risk assessment goals and to discuss current results;
    3) To discuss the role of harmonisation and ontology in the use of multiple modelling and assessment tools applied to nano safety.
     Theme : The workshop will focus on specific cases and practical examples in which the group will workthrough modelling, analysis and assessment exercises, and discuss the results.
     Date/Time : July 13(Wed) 15:00~18:30
     Place : Room #408
     Organized by : Hanyang University
     Sponsored by : OpenTox Assoc., OSCube Ltd..
     Chair : Tae Hyun Yoon (Hanyang Univ.)

    Time Program
    15:15~15:30 Prof. Yoon, Tae Hyun, Hanyang Univ.
    “Decision Making on Health, Safety, and Environmental Aspects of Nanotechnology”
    15:30~16:00 Dr. Nina Jeliazkova, Idea Consult Ltd.
    “Nanoinformatics for Safety, Standardization, and Regulation of Nanotechnologies”
    16:00~16:15 Prof. Danil Boukhvalov, Hanyang Univ.
    “Toward Computational Descriptors in Nanotoxicology”
    16:15~16:45 Dr. Barry Hardy, Douglas Connect GmbH
    “Risk Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials”
    16:45~17:00 Coffee Break
    17:00~17:45 Dr. Nina Jeliazkova, Idea Consult Ltd.
    Practical Session 1 : Data Management,
    17:45~18:30 Dr. Barry Hardy, Douglas Connect GmbH
    Practical Session 2 : Data Modelling,
  • Trends of Nanotechnology Policy in Asia

    Nanotechnology is a new future technology to break down barriers between existing fields of academics, and createsnew territories. Nanotech is also applicable to almost all industries, which makes it enabling immense economic andtechnological impact. And then the nanotechnology push ahead a new growth engine in the world. This session is ameaningful venue, where experts from major countries can learn about the global nanotechnology policy trends throughexchange of information on their nano policies.
     Theme : Nanotechnology Innovation Policy in Asia
     Date : July 13 (Wed.), 14:00~18:00
     Place : Room 406AB
     Organized by : National Nanotechnology Policy Center; NNPC(Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information;KISTI), Korea Nano Technology Research Society(KoNTRS)
     Sponsor : National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

    Time Program Speaker
    Opening Ceremony (13:30~14:00)
    Chair: Jo Won Lee
    14:00~14:15 The Nano Technology Policy of Korea(TBD) Mi Jung Choi /
    Ministry of Science, ICT and
    Future Planning
    14:15~14:30 The Nano Technology Policy of China(TBD) Xing ZHU /
    Peking Univ.
    14:30~14:45 The Nano Technology Policy of japan(TBD) Junichi SONE /
    14:45~15:00 COFFEE BREAK
    Chair: Hak Min Kim
    15:00~15:15 The Nano Technology Policy of Iran(TBD) Ali BEITOLLAHI /
    15:15~15:30 The Nano Technology Policy of Singapore(TBD) Ramam AKKIPEDDI /
    15:30~15:45 The Nano Technology Policy of Taiwan(TBD) Ting Kuo LEE /
    15:45~16:00 COFFEE BREAK
    Chair: Han Joe Lim
    16:00~16:15 The Nano Technology Policy of Malaysia(TBD) Abdul Kadi MASROM /
    16:15~16:30 The Nano Technology Policy of Thailand(TBD) SirirurgSongsivillai /
    16:30~16:45 The Nano Technology Policy of Austria(TBD) Alison HEMMINGS /
    16:45~17:00 Q&A
    17:00~ Dinner
  • Korea-China-USA Nano Forum

    Nanotechnology has been being further developed with development of revolutionary nanomaterials. In the Korea-China-USA Nano Forum, the scientists and engineers leading nanotechnology related to nanomaterials will present recent research results and discuss the present and future applications of nanotechnology. From this Korea-China-USA Nano Forum, research network will be established, so that future collaborations will be promoted.
     Theme : Present and Future Applications of Nano-Materials and Nanotechnology
     Date/Time : July 15(Fri) 10:00~13:30
     Place : Room #405
     Organized by : NNFC (National NanoFab Center),
              KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
     Sponsored by : Drexel University, NCNST (National Center for Nanoscience and Technology)
     Chair :Chi Won Ahn (NNFC)

    Time Moderator Program
    10:00~10:25 Min Jun Kim Minghua Liu, NCNST
    Self-Assembled Chiral Nanostructures and Novel Functions Based on Amphiphilic Amino Acids and C3-symmetric Molecules
    10:25~10:50 Hyun-Mi Kim, Seoul Nat. Univ. (Ki Bum Kim, Seoul Nat. Univ.)
    Recent Progress in Soli-State Nanopore
    10:50-11:15 Xing Zhu, Peking University
    Plasmonics Nanostructures for unidirectional control of surface plasmon propagation
    11:15-11:40 Wei Sun, Tsinghua Univ.
    3D Cell Printing of In Vitro Biological Models for Drug and Disease Study
    11:40-11:50 Break Time
    11:50-12:15 Chi Won Ahn Masateru Taniguchi, Osaka Univ.
    Nanogap Sequencing for Personalized Medicine and Therapeutics
    12:15-12:40 Min Jun Kim Drexel Univ.
    Biologically Inspired Nanopore Systems for Single Cell and Single Molecule Analysis
    12:40-13:05 Mengqiang Zhao, Drexel Univ. (YuryGogotsi, Drexel Univ.)
    2D Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes): Synthesis and Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage
    13:05-13:20 Chi Won Ahn, NNFC
    Platform Technology for Nano-fabrication and Nano-analysis of Various Nano-Structured Materials and Their Applications
    13:20-13:30 Closing Remark
    13:30-14:30 Lunch and Discussion Time
  • Nano Convergence Special Session: Frontiers in Nanotechnology

    For last 2 years, Nano Convergence has published high quality articles in a variety of fields, espcially focusing on 7 scopes. So this year, Nano Convergence editorial committee has decided to hold a special session entitled with “Frontiers in Nanotechnology”. It is honor to invite the speakers, who are not only the foreign editorial committee members and outstanding paper authors of Nano Convergence, but are also considered leading experts in their fields.
     Theme : Frontiers in Nanotechnology
     Date/Time : July 15(Fri) 09:30~12:30
     Place : Room #406
     Organized by : Korea Nano Technology Research Society(KoNTRS)
     Sponsored by : SpringerOpen
     Chair : Haiwon Lee (Hanyang Univ.)

    Time Session Program
    08:30~09:30 Registration
    09:30~09:40 Opening Remark
    (Chair : Haiwon Lee, Editor- in-Chief, Nano Convergence)
    Ki-Bum Kim
    President, Korea Nano Technology Research Society, Korea
    “Encouraging Speech”
    Soon Hyung Hong
    Honorary Editor-in-Chief, Nano Convergence, Korea
    “Congratulatory Speech”
    Sang HeeSuh
    Former President, Korea Nano Technology Research Society, Korea
    “Congratulatory Speech”
    09:40:~10:00 Award Session
    (Chair : Jeong-Woo Choi, Executive Editor)
    Outstanding Paper Award
    10:00~11:00 Session 1
    (Chair : TBA)
    Yonsei University, Korea
    Myung Mo Sung
    Hanyang University, Korea
    Chung Wung Bark
    Gachon University, Korea
    JeongWeon Wu
    EwhaWomans University, Korea
    11:00~11:20 Session 2
    (Chair :TBA)
    Tom Spicer
    Senior Editor, Physics, Springer
    “Development of Nano Convergence – the Journal of the Korea Nano Technology Research Society”
    11:20~12:20 Session 3
    (Chair :TBA)
    Nam-Joon Cho
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    KiBum Lee
    Rutgers University, USA
    12:20~12:30 Closing Remark Haiwon Lee
    Editor-in-Chief, Nano Convergence, Korea
    12:30~ Lunch Reception for Invited Speaker
  • US-Korea Symposium on Programmable Materials and Manufacturing Science

    Materials engineering has continued to progress towards a highly interconnected process in which materials and devices can be designed and fabricated “from the ground up” to achieve tailored properties and performance on demand. This paradigm shift is increasingly enabled by additive layer fabrication, coupled with improvements in predictive modeling and characterization. Commonplace additive design now ranges from the manipulation of atoms and molecules to the build-up of 3D engineering structures from digital data. Processing techniques include line-by-line extrusion methods, selective laser sintering, electron beam melting, droplet inkjet printing, optical methods of multiphoton polymerization, etc. These techniques continue to evolve, resulting in exciting possibilities of "programmable" materials or material systems which are widely touted in recent publications. The symposium will provide a concrete platform for the initiation of the next phase of working relationship for the joint initiative in the areas such as interfaces, reactive printing , nature-inspired hierarchical structures, multi-material deposition and nanoscale fabrication.
     Theme : Manufacturing science for programmable materials
          (a) Interfaces,
          (b) Reactive printing,
          (c) Nature-inspired hierarchical structures
          (d) Multi-material deposition
          (e) Nanoscale fabrication
     Date/Time : July 15(Fri) 09:00~17:00
     Place : Yonsei University (Yonsei Engineering Research Park, Room #170E)
     Organized by : Korea Nanotechnology Research Society, Agency for Defense Development
     Sponsored by : Air Force Office of Science Research,
               Defense Nano Technology Application Center (Yonsei University)
     Chair : Haiwon Lee (Hanyang University)/ Dr. Jeffery Baur (Air Force Research Lab)

    Friday, July 15
    Time Speaker Title of Project
    7:45 Registration
    Session Moderator: MisoonMah (AOARD)
    8:00 Jeff Baur Opening Remark
    Air Force Research Lab
    Symposium Co-Chair
    8:10 Doh-Hyang Kim Welcome Remark
    Yonsei U
    Meeting Host
    8:20 Seung-Su Baek Congratulating Remark
    8:30 B.-L. (“Les”) Lee Keynote #1: Overview of US-Korea Research Collaboration on Nanotechnology
    8:50 Doh-Hyang Kim Keynote #2: Overview of ADD Center of Excellence in Defense Nanotechnology Application (2008-2016)
    Yonsei U
    Meeting Host
    9:10 Mario Serna Keynote #3: Proposed US-Korea Initiative on Manufacturing Science for Nanotechnology Convergence
    9:30 Coffee Break
    Session Moderator: Dong-Ik Cheong (ADD)
    9:45 Martin Dunn Invited Lecture #1: Multi-material Digital Design and Manufacturing
    Singapore U Technology & Design
    10:15 Dae-Hyeong Kim Invited Lecture #2:Soft Electronics in Wearables
    Seoul Nat'l U
    10:45 Nicholas Kotov Invited Lecture #3: Programmable Nanocomposites
    U Michigan
    11:15 Keon-Jae Lee Invited Lecture #4: Self-powered Flexible Electronic System
    11:45 Photo & Lunch Break
    Session Moderator: Benjamin Leever (AFRL/RX)
    13:30 Heon-Jin Choi Invited Lecture #5: Bio-Nanowire Array Interface: Towards Long Term-, Multisite Sensing and Stimulating on a Single Cell Level
    Yonsei U
    14:00 Jarad Mason Invited Lecture #6: Bio-inspired Approaches to Nanomanufacturing
    Jarad Mason
    14:30 Haeshin Lee Invited Lecture #7: Bio-inspired Adhesive Materials
    15:00 Coffee Break
    Session Moderator: Chul-Jin Choi (Korea Inst. of Materials Science)
    15:15 Jimmy Xu Invited Lecture #8: Micro- and Nano-Vascular Structural Composites
    Brown U
    15:45 Sung-HoonAhn Invited Lecture #9: Integrated Shape Memory Alloy Based Actuators: Design, Fabrication, and Applications"
    Seoul Nat'l U
    16:15 Jerry Qi Invited Lecture #10: 4D/5D Printed Composites for Topology Transforming Devices
    Georgia Tech
    16:45 Open Discussion
    17:20 Haiwon Lee Closing Remarks
    Hanyang U
    Symposium Co-Chair
    17:30 Adjournment