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General Guideline

The Deadline of Presenter’s Registration: May 21

Presenters of accepted abstracts should register on-line by the presenter registration date. If not, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn.

A Change of Presenter

In the event that the presenter is changed, the person who submitted the abstract can change it at the mypage after log-in by the presenter registration due date.

Multiple Abstract Submissions & Presentation

Multiple abstract submissions are allowed. However, in order to present the accepted abstracts, there should be at least one different registered presenter per abstract.

Official Language: English

Guidelines for the Oral Presenter

- All presenters give a lecture in English for 15 minutes (Q&A included).
- Presentation files should be compatible with Microsoft Office Programs.
- Hand over your presentation file to the staff at least 1hours earlier than your presentation time.
- Check Nano Korea website for updated presentation schedules and further instructions.

Guidelines for the Poster Presenter

- Poster Size : 90 cm (Width) X 120 cm (Height)
- We will provide a poster board with abstract number.
- You are requested to prepare your own poster within
  designated poster size in free form.
- Attach the poster on the board which your abstract number
  are indicated.
- The abstract number, title, author,
  and affiliation should be noticeable on your poster.
- The poster should be made in English.
- Best poster awards will be held at the last day of the symposium,
  and examiner will visit during the poster presentation time.
- If you do not complete the pre-registration, your abstract would
  be excluded in the presentation list and conference proceedings.
- Please check Nano Korea website for updated presentation
  schedules and further instructions.