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  • International Year of Light Symposium

    This year is the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL) designated by UNESCO and United Nations. To celebrate IYL, we invite worldly famous researchers from outstanding optics research institutes and leading groups in nano-photonics and metamaterials.
     Theme : IYL Symposium: Optics Research Institutes, Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials
     Date & Time : July 3 (Fri.) 10:50~17:30
     Place : Hall E1
     Organized by : KIMM
     Chair : Prof. JeongWeon Wu (EwhaWomans University, Korea), Byoungho Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
    Time Moderator Speaker & Title
    10:50–11:00 JeongWeon Wu / EwhaWomans University
    Opening Remark
    IYL Symposium I – Optics Research Institutes
    11:00~11:40 JeongWeon Wu / EwhaWomans University In Soo Ko / POSTECH
    New Research Opportunities with PAL-XFEL
    11:40~13:00 Networking Lunch
    IYL Symposium I – Optics Research Institutes
    13:00~14:45 JeongWeon Wu / EwhaWomans University Kazuaki Sakoda / NIMS
    Photonics research activity at NIMS
    Jean-Jacque Greffet / Institutd'Optique
    Controlling spontaneous emission with nanophotonics
    Chang Hee Nam / GIST
    Single-shot soft x-ray imaging with table-top coherent x-ray sources
    14:45~15:00 Coffee Break
    IYL Symposium II – Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials
    15:00~17:20 Hak Joo Lee
    Namkyoo Park / Seoul National University
    Disordered metamaterials of crystal-like bandgap spectra
    PrabhatVerma / Osaka University
    Nano-scale optical imaging with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
    Christoph Lienau / Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
    Ultrafast coherent charge transfer in solar cells and artificial light harvesting systems: toward movies of electronic motion
    Byoungho Lee / Seoul National University
    Plasmonicnano-slit and meta-slit
    17:20~17:30 Hak Joo Lee / KIMM
    Closing Remark
  • Korea-China-USA Nano Forum

    Development of revolutionary nanomaterials is accompanying the revolution of nanotechnology. In the Korea-China-USA Nano Forum, the leading scientists and engineers meet to discuss their latest research and address important challenges for present and future applications of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. This Korea-China-USA Nano Forum will give a meaningful time forfuture collaborations.
     Theme : Present and Future Applications of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
     Date & Time : July 2 (Thu), 10:10-18:00
     Place : Room 318A
     Organized by : NNFC, KIST
     Chair : Dr. Kyoungja Woo (KIST, Korea), Dr. Chi Won Ahn (NNFC,Korea)
    Time Moderator Speaker & Title
    10:00~10:10 Kyoungja Woo / KIST
    Opening Remark
    10:10~12:10 Kyoungja Woo / KIST

    Chi Won Ahn /NNFC
    Yung Jun Jung/ NEU
    Zhixiang Wei/ NCNST
    Kyoungja Woo / KIST
    Lijie Ci / Shandong Univ.
    12:10-13:30 Lunch
    13:30~14:50 Kyoungja Woo / KIST
    Chi Won Ahn /NNFC
    Min Jun Kim / Drexel
    Seokwoo Jeon / KAIST
    Wei Sun / Tsinghua Univ.
    14:50~15:00 Break Time
    15:00~16:30 Kyoungja Woo / KIST
    Chi Won Ahn /NNFC
    Chi On Chui / UCLA
    Won-Kook Choi / KIST
    Chi Won Ahn / NNFC
    16:30~16:40 Wei Sun / Tsinghua Univ.
    Min Jun Kim / Drexel
  • Quantum Beyond Nano

    Recently, the world has been introduced to a revolutionary technology paradigm shift; a transition from nanotechnology to an even finer technology, known as quantum technology. Nanotechnology originally focuses on the miniaturization of macroscopic systems. On the other hand, quantum technology utilizes bizarre phenomena, such as quantum superposition, quantum entanglement, and uncertainty principle, to give a rise to new exciting applications.During this session, we would like to invite you all to this new research field of science and technology that comes after the era of nano-revolution.
     Theme : Quantum information science and technology
     Date & Time : July 3 (Fri), 14:15-18:00
     Place : Room 318A
     Organized by : Korea Institute of Science and Technology
     Chair : Sung WOOK Moon (KIST)
    Time Speaker & Title
    14:20~15:00 Dohun Kim / Yonsei Univ.
    Recent advances in semiconductor quantum dot qubits
    15:00~15:40 Taehyun Kim / SKT
    Quantum control of trapped ions
    15:40~16:20 Kyung Choi / Univ. of Waterloo
    Designing exotic quantum systems with atoms and photons
    16:20~16:40 Break
    16:40~17:20 Jeongwan Jin / Univ. of Waterloo
    ime-bin qubit encoding for free-space communication
    17:20~18:00 Joonwoo Bae / Hanyang Univ.
    Distinguishability can characteriseMarkovianity of quantum evolution
  • Women in Nano

    This symposium will bring together researchers, students, and entrepreneurs in nanoscience and technology. Eight outstanding woman scientists are invited to discuss the current issues in Nanoscience. This symposium will also serve as a social gathering, where women scientists connect with each other to build a strong network for collaboration and support for young woman scientists.
     Theme : Women in Nano: Main Force for Creative Economy
     Date & Time : July 3 (Fri), 10:00~17:30
     Place : Hall E3
     Organized by : The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers
     Chair : Sung-Jin Kim (EwhaWomans University)
    Time Moderator Speaker & Title
    10:00~10:10 Sung-Jin Kim / EwhaWomans Univ.
    Opening Remark
    Session 1
    10:10~11:55 Sung-Jin KimEwhaWomans Univ. OcHee Han / Korea Basic Science Institute
    Functional Nanomaterials Properties Revealed by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    SoheeJeong / KIMM
    Nanocrystal Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Applications
    Jiyeon Choi / KIMM
    Ultrafast laser based micromachining for the next generation smart manufacturing
    12:00~14:00 Networking Lunch
    Session 2
    14:00~15:45 So-Jung Park EwhaWomans Univ. Yun-Hi Kim / Gyeongsang National Univ.
    Design Strategy of New Organic Semiconducting Materials for Organic Electronics
    Eunji Lee / Chungnam National Univ.
    Supramolecular nanohybrid materials based on assembly of block amphiphiles
    Xuefeng Fu / Peking Univ.
    Photo induced living radical polymerization mediated by cobalt complexes
    15:45~16:05 Coffee Break
    16:05–17:20 So-Jung Park
    EwhaWomans Univ.
    Eunji Sim / Yonsei Univ.
    Toward Accurate Nanomaterial Computations with Practical Tools: Density Corrected Density Functional Theory
    Ahjeong Son / EwhaWomans Univ.
    NanoGene assay: From genomic assay to in-situ pathogen detection system
    17:20–17:30 Sung-Jin Kim / EwhaWomans University
    Closing Remark
  • Nano Convergence special session : Nanoscience of Emerging materials

     Theme : Nanoscience of Emerging materials
     Date & Time : July 3 (Fri), 10:50~13:05
     Place : Hall E2
     Organized by : Korea Nano Technology Research Society
     Chair : Soon Hyung Hong /KAIST
    Time Moderator Speaker & Title
    Opening Session
    10:50~11:00 Soon Hyung Hong
    Haiwon Lee / KoNTRS
    Congratulatory Speech
    Soon Hyung Hong / KAIST
    Outstanding Paper Award
    Session 1
    11:00~12:20 William Jo
    EwhaWomans University
    Kilwon Cho / POSTECH
    Facet-Mediated Growth of Graphene on Arbitrary Rough Cu Surface
    Steve Granick / UNIST
    Some Surprises and Open Questions in Soft Materials
    Judy J Cha / Yale Univ.
    Synthesis of 2D Electronic Chalcogenide Nanomaterials
    Sung-Yool Choi / KAIST
    Two-dimensional (2D) materials for future electronic
    Session 2
    12:20~13:00 Bae Ho Park
    Konkuk University
    Jinwoo Kim / Thomson Reuters IP&Science
    Martin Vacha / NPG Asia Materials
    Rapid promotion of NPG Asia Materials
    13:00~13:05 Soon Hyung Hong / KAIST
    Closing Remark
  • Nano Policy Forum

     Theme : Global Nano Technology policy trend and major issues
     Date & Time : July 1 (Wed.), 14:00~18:00
     Place : Room 318A
     Organized by : NNPC, KISTI, KoNTRS
    Time Moderator Speaker & Title
    Opening Session
    14:00~14:10 Jo-Won Lee /Hanyang Univ.
    Opening Remark
    Theme 1. Nano Technology Policy of Major Countries
    14:10~14:30 Jo-Won Lee/
    Hanyang Univ.
    Kyunghee SONG(MSIP)
    The Nano Technology Policy of Korea (TBD)
    14:30~14:50 Neevy Van LANINGHAM /US Embassy
    The Nano Technology Policy of United States(TBD)
    14:50~15:10 Ju Young KIM / EU delegation
    The Nano Technology Policy of Eu(TBD)
    15:10~15:30 Joohwan KIM / Fraunhofer Representative Office Korea
    The Nano Technology Policy of Germany(TBD)
    15:30~15:50 Junichi SONE / Japan Science and Technology Agency
    The Nano Technology Policy of japan(TBD)
    15:50~16:20 Coffee Break
    Theme 2. Global issues of Nano Technology
    16:20~16:40 Han-Jo Lim/
    Ajou Univ.
    Min Soo SHIN / Hanyang Univ.
    A Study on the Development of Nanotechnology
    Competitiveness Indexes
    16:40~17:00 IlJe YU / Hoseo Univ.
    NanoEHS in Korea
    17:00~17:20 Kenneth A. Dawson / Univ. College Dublin
    Eu Nano-safety cluster (NSC) and the research trend of Nano EHS(TBD)
    17:20~17:40 Dong Soo PAIK/ KIST
    Implementation of Convergence R&D
    17:40~18:00 Q & A, Closing