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Keynote & Plenary Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Speech Date 18/07/11 13:30~14:15 Speech Place Hall 6
Speaker EunSeung JUNG  CV
AffiliationSamsung Electronics
TitleCreating Systems with Silicon for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Semiconductor has been the key enabler in the advancement of electronics for the past 50 years. For example, Bell Lab's invention of transistor led to productization of Sony's 1st transistor radio. Likewise, with the coming of 4th industrial revolution, characterized by interconnection of myriads of devices, semiconductor will continue to play an even greater role as we invite a wide variety of new applications into our lives, including smart cars, smart factories, artificial intelligence, robots, etc. Such importance of semiconductor is attributed to its unique ability to copy and create everything human beings imagine.
In the midst of it all, as the only entity that can turn fabless design houses' tremendous ideas into reality, foundry's roles are being expanded from wafer manufacturing to design service, packaging and product engineering. This presentation will focus on Samsung's vision and preparedness for the 4th industrial revolution with excellent technology, operation and service.

Speech Date 18/07/11 14:15~15:00 Speech Place Hall 6
Speaker Jo De Boeck  CV
AffiliationInteruniversity Micro Electronics Center, Belgium
TitleNanodevices to create magic
Nanotechnology enables a myriad of applications that in many cases are indistinguishable from magic. The advanced scaling, 3D integration, novel materials introduction in both compute and memory devices etc. enable elevated levels of intelligence, service experience and communication from the server rooms, over the so-called edge of the cloud, to the proliferating IoT devices.
This presentation will address the advance in technology development we foster at imec triggering very inspiring applications in the field of smart mobility, smart cities, advanced infotainment and healthcare, to name a few.
An important element in creating magic then lies in the good mix of technological insights, market validation, high level skills and entrepreneurship. The presentation will address imec’s efforts in supporting start-ups and venturing, through the living labs and the imec.iStart and imec.Xpand funds.

Plenary Speakers

Speech Date 18/07/12 13:00~13:45 Speech Place Room 301&302
Speaker Junho Oh  CV
AffiliationKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
TitleRobot Technology and the Future
World widely, various types of intelligent service robots are being on the research, and already became well acquainted with human beings. Also, many people expect these robots will be living together with mankind at work or home in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, many people yet have a pessimistic point of view about the ultimate form of robot would be impossible to be realized in the real at the technology view. And the technology level required to accomplish a task given by the user is very different according to the application requirement. Some simple task may be achieved by simple robotic technology but some others are not. That means that commercial realization of service robot strongly depends on the gap between market requirement and technology level available. The lecture will also mention the history of robot development and application of robot in the various fields.

Speech Date 18/07/13 13:00~13:45 Speech Place Room 301&302
Speaker Geoffrey W. Burr  CV
AffiliationIBM Research – Almaden, USA
TitleNanotech-based hardware opportunities for AI (Artificial Intelligence)
IBM Research has been exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies and techniques for decades. We believe AI will transform the world in dramatic ways in the coming years, and we’re advancing this field through our IBM Research-AI portfolio.
In particular, I will discuss the investigation of new AI hardware materials, devices, and architectures to support future analog computational approaches to AI model training and deployment. I will also discuss hardware-based research towards AI solutions that could eventually transcend the limitations of current AI models.